Every good shot captures a unique moment in time

Here and there the minute happens immediately, and once in a while you need to hold up a while. It can be as basic as a lady looking up or as intricate as having numerous different components adjust inside an immaculate created outline.

Making an interesting picture that includes a moment

To begin with you have to locate a drawing in scene or foundation for your photo. At that point you have to sit tight for somebody — or something — to move into the structure you have made. 

Extraordinary picture takers invest a considerable measure of energy looking through the camera sitting tight for simply the correct additional component to show up. It can have a significant effect. 

figure out how to catch the guest as he was making his turn, putting somewhat strain in his non-verbal communication. It's this minor change in the scene that gives the shot that little additional something.

Tips to capture special moments

  • Decide on a clear center of attention
  • Remember that your eye has a better dynamic range than your camera
  • Aperture control for dof
  • Careful composition to either expand upon or contract the feel of the photo
  •  be ready – moments come and go quickly
  •  understand the exposure triangle
  • P is not for “professional”
  • Pay attention to your light sources
  • Always check your camera settings
  • Practice!
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